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Welcome to Shady Grove Cemetery


"Here lies the body of Caty C. Gaddis wife of LC Gaddis was borned March 26, 1815 died April 27, 1869"

If you want to get an idea of how times have changed, take a trip to your local cemetery. Whereas families and community members used to join in the upkeep of their loved ones' final resting places, that tradition sadly seems to have passed. The elderly ones passed away and kids moved away and cemeteries are forgotten. However, we are trying to change that for one cemetery.

On Camp Wahsega Road about a mile before it ends at Camp Frank Merrill is a tiny cemetery called Shady Grove, a place that time has forgotten. It was attached to a small Methodist Church that was moved about 80 years ago. The land was given by JACOB SAINE on May 10, 1872 and was originally 2 acres which went all the way to Camp Wahsega Road. It has now been reduced to 1 acre. The woods are crowding the graves at the edge of the property and the grounds are covered with a sea of tough knee-high ferns, broom sage, and tree sprouts. Maintenance has been neglected for years but with lots of volunteers and family members, we are trying to save Shady Grove Cemetery and clean it up.

There is room for more family burial spaces and particularly military personnel for those that want to be buried in Lumpkin County after serving their country and spending time at Camp Frank Merrill. If you don't know where it is, it's impossible to locate. We are trudging along everyday and progress is slow, but we are determined to get there.  We are working on  projects daily for Shady Grove Cemetery. We now have a road sign that says Shady Grove Cemetery.